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Experience On-the-Go Dabbing with the Puffco Peak Travel Pack

Experience On-the-Go Dabbing with the Puffco Peak Travel Pack

Are you always on the move but don’t want to compromise on your dabbing experience? Cape Ann Cannabis has got you covered with the Puffco Peak Travel Pack. Designed for the discerning consumer who appreciates quality and convenience, this travel pack ensures that your Puffco Peak is always ready for action, wherever you are.

What’s in the Pack?

The Puffco Peak Travel Pack includes:

  • Carb Cap Tether: Keeps a secure hold on your carb cap to ensure you never lose it during a session.
  • Backpack: A sleek storage solution for your dual tools, cotton swabs, or anything else you might need.
  • Splash Cap: Prevents water from spilling out of your Puffco Peak, making it perfect for travel.
  • Atomizer Cover: Adds an additional layer of protection and keeps your atomizer clean.

Each component is crafted with the same high-quality standards that Puffco users have come to expect, ensuring durability and performance.

Why You’ll Love It

  1. Ultimate Convenience: The travel pack is designed to keep all your essentials in one place, so you can easily carry your Puffco Peak and accessories wherever you go.
  2. Enhanced Portability: With the travel pack, you don’t have to worry about spills, lost components, or damaged parts. The Splash Cap and Atomizer Cover protect your device, while the Carb Cap Tether ensures you’re always ready for your next session.
  3. Stylish and Functional: The sleek design of the travel pack not only looks great but is also incredibly functional. The Backpack is perfect for storing all your dabbing essentials, ensuring you’re always prepared.
  4. Perfect for Adventurers: Whether you’re heading to a festival, a friend’s house, or just exploring the great outdoors, the Puffco Peak Travel Pack makes it easy to take your dabbing experience on the road.


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