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CBD and Improving Your Sexual Wellness

CBD and Improving Your Sexual Wellness

“There are so many cannabinoid receptors in reproductive organs and sexual tissue. CBD increases blood flow to tissues, which increases sensitivity and promotes the body’s own natural lubrications,” – Alex Capano, medical director for Ananda Hemp

When it comes to health, sexual wellness is an integral part of the whole health formula. Sexual activity offers benefits to your physical, intellectual, emotional, psychological, and social well-being. And CBD can help.

Physical Wellness

It helps to burn calories, lower blood pressure, and increase your heart health and importantly these days, your immune system. This study found that people who had sex weekly had more immunoglobulin A (IgA) in their saliva (vs. the people who had sex less than once a week had significantly less IgA). What is IgA? IgA is an antibody that plays a role in preventing illness.

Interested in increasing your immunity? Perhaps consider adding in some of our favorite CBD intimates. What are the physical benefits of adding CBD into your sex life? It can help with vaginal dryness, pain, and inflammation felt during and after intercourse. It can also help to relax the body and increase the pleasure felt during orgasm.

Mental Wellness

Similar to exercise (but more fun, hopefully) sex and masturbation can help to reduce stress, anxiety, and increase happiness. This study suggests that sexual activity can help with improved ability to perceive, identify, and express emotions.

If mental distraction and anxiety are getting in your way of sexual wellness, we recommend trying a CBD tincture, capsule, or gummy before intercourse, or even adding it to your daily routine.

Skin Health

Regular sexual activity is believed to also help you look younger, which is believed to be from the release of estrogen during sex. This study found that frequent sexual activity helped people look between 7 to 12 years younger! Improve your confidence, feel luscious, smooth, and glowing by adding CBD.

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