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Don’t Miss Out! Making the Most of the Four “Can’t Miss” Categories at Cape Ann Cannabis

Don’t Miss Out! Making the Most of the Four “Can’t Miss” Categories at Cape Ann Cannabis

At Cape Ann Cannabis in Rowley, it’s all about taking advantage of the moment. Whether you are a seasoned, veteran cannabis consumer or brand new to feeling “high”. Here are a few tips to making the most of the Four “Can’t Miss” Categories at Cape Ann Cannabis. Share your own tips and suggestions in the comments below.


If you’re after an impactful high but not the smoke, try our live resin/rosin and full spectrum selection of Edibles. Our large variety is ready to satisfy your needs without the smell and lots of yummy flavors. It delivers the goods.

-So, what’s the difference?

Edibles are generally considered more potent & flavorful from other consuming methods. They’re processed from fresh, flash-frozen cannabis flowers preserving the terpenes and cannabinoids inside. Enhancing what’s called “The Entourage Effect.” Terpenes interact with multiple receptors in your brain (similar to how aromatherapy impacts you). Certain Terpenes help you relax and chill, while others give you the “giddy-up and go” you need at the beginning or even the end of a productive day.

Check out the graphic below for a terpenes visual from Leafly.

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Time to chat about Pre-Roll Multipacks. Let’s go!

2.) Pre-Roll Multipacks

A great way to have variety and share the cannabis experience is having a fully loaded multipack ready to go. Here is why. The smaller joints are conspicuous, easier on the go and perfect for sharing. The beauty; there are multiple strains per pack. Sativa during the day and an Indica to end the night? Our prices are always right and of great value. A perfect way to try new strain flavors, variety and types without breaking the bank.

Items to try:

No.9 Collection: (5) Pre-Roll Variety Pack

Cape Ann Cannabis: 1g Pre-Roll Combo

(8) Pre-Roll Flight Pack (Mixed Strain)

Looking for quick and easy? No prep or mess? Here is an option; have you tried a vape? No, then go ahead and choose from the bunch we have in stock.

3.) VAPES/ CARTRIDGES: Low maintenance & economical.

If you’re traveling and on-the-go. Or you want to check out a new flavor without purchasing a pre-roll or other. This is a great way to go. No muss no fuss. Disposable Vapes require no maintenance and little goes a long way. Most pens are “inhale & go”. Compact, convenient & user friendly. There are vapes for everyone. Just ask your budtender any questions or suggestions.

Next, we ask: “Hey Google?

– Do small cannabis buds taste as good as larger ones? What do “smalls” at a dispensary mean?”

4.) Small Buds/Nugs/Shake

Small cannabis buds are less expensive, but they are also much simpler to package and grind than larger buds. It is often said that small cannabis buds have less flavor than larger ones. A huge misconception. This is not the case. Small cannabis buds contain the same amount of THC and CBD as larger buds. So if you’re stocking up (more buzz, less space) or you live far from a nearby dispensary, this may be a solution to your needs.

Large nugs are always great. But, there is always something else that is great too. Bite sized buds still have strain-specific potency and effects. The small buds we carry and the price points are… well…compelling. Also known as Smalls and with less stems (meaning = more bud for your buck!) don’t forget the absolute convenience of “grind and go” with small buds. Much easier, convenient, roll on the go!

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As always. Consume Responsibly!

-See you at the store!

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