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Tips For Storing Cannabis Safely

Tips For Storing Cannabis Safely

How to? Tips for storing cannabis safely.

Cannabis shops in Massachusetts have made it effortless for people of legal age to obtain medical-grade marijuana (THC). However, safely storing the purchased cannabis stock for long-time use is an entirely different ball game. If you are looking to learn “how to store” cannabis/marijuana and products continue reading for some tips and tricks we gathered for you.

Like other consumable goods, cannabis also has strict parameters that need to be adhered to to maintain its freshness and potency for a long time. For those who prefer to buy cannabis/marijuana proactively, here are some safe and practical cannabis storage solutions.

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You should keep the storage temperature in mind before you go out and buy medical marijuana in bulk. Cannabis/ Marijuana is vulnerable to changes in temperature. Mold and mildew formation thrives in temperatures ranging from 77 F to 86 F. While higher temperatures, can dry out and damage the cannabis. Hence, the ideal condition to prevent molding and preserve the potency of your cannabis is cooler temperatures.

Keep It Dry

Consumers who use cannabis in Massachusetts know very well that moisture content is a critical factor in keeping flowers fresh and potent for longer. High humidity encourages mildew and mold development, while low moisture dries out and damages the bud structure. In terms of relative humidity (RH), cannabis has a sweet moisture spot that ranges between 59% and 63%.

Keep It Airtight

The less oxygen exposure your cannabis gets, the longer it will maintain its potency. So, the best options to safely store your cannabis are airtight containers at ideal temperatures. Although our cannabis shops in Massachusetts feature a wide range of airtight storage options, most cannabis connoisseurs prefer the traditional glass mason jars for classy, clean, and affordable storage.

Keep In the Dark

Contrary to its optimum growing conditions, when it comes to storing cannabis, darkness rules. Exposure to direct sunlight can significantly degrade the cannabis quality as research has shown that UV rays are the leading cause of cannabinoid degeneration. So, if you think that you can simply buy marijuana and keep it anywhere in your vicinity, you should reconsider.

Keep Out of Reach

Pets and underage children must be kept away from cannabis products. In contrast, young adults under the age of 25 should be appropriately informed and educated about the side effects of cannabinoids on developing adolescent brains. The chance of kids or pets finding your cannabis stock is lower when it is hidden in plain sight. You can choose from various multipurpose and camouflaged lockboxes available in our cannabis shops in Massachusetts for added safety.


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