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Learn How to Store Cannabis for a Longer Period and Sustain its Freshness!

Learn How to Store Cannabis for a Longer Period and Sustain its Freshness!

Do you have a Cannabis stash that you haven’t touched for quite a while and noticed the buds getting dryer with time? Smoking this won’t get you as high as it would when you bought it. Aging Cannabis is inevitable; however, it can be slowed down with proper preservation.

There is no true expiration date for Cannabis, it can last 6 months to 1 year at the most, before losing its potency and flavor. The key is to follow proper storage guidelines.

Before you smoke that old Cannabis, here are a few key things to keep in mind while storing Cannabis for an extended period. All you need is a little knowledge and ton of patience to keep your Cannabis fresh. There are a handful of Cannabis stores in Massachusetts; like Cape Ann Cannabis that are known for their assistance from an educated staff, onsite nurse and plethora of products.

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Table of Contents

What happens to the Cannabis when it gets old?

What causes Cannabis to age?

What are the different ways to store Cannabis?

Dos and Don’ts to consider when storing your Cannabis.

If you’re one who buys Cannabis in bulk or don’t smoke often, you have probably ended up with some old Cannabis. You can tell this the moment you pinch it and feel the dried-up and lightweight nugs.

To slow down your Cannabis’s aging process, you need to ensure that your Cannabis is expertly stored in optimal containers and stored in a cool room at an appropriate temperature and humidity. Seek expert advice from the professionals. Cape Ann Cannabis is a marijuana dispensary located in Rowley, Massachusetts offering you the best-quality Cannabis and professional advice. Our team is always happy to answer questions.

What Happens to Cannabis When it Gets Old?

First of all, it’s crucial to understand the entire aging process. Here are some terms that you should know.

Lost THC

When the Cannabis is exposed to oxygen, heat, and UV light Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), it starts to break down. This doesn’t happen quickly but is noticeable after a few weeks. Even a few joints won’t get you as high as it might have when first purchased.

Conversion to CBN

After the THC breaks down, it doesn’t disappear. Eventually, it transforms into another cannabinoid (also known as CBN). CBN consists of some mild symptoms psychoactive properties that don’t get you high on its own. This conversion occurs when the Cannabis is exposed to heat and oxygen.

Lost Flavor

Weaker or aged Cannabis also tastes and feels harsher upon smoking. This is the result of terpenes that are drying out over time. Excessive light and moisture will lead to losing its flavor.

So, what happens to old weed? Basically, it loses THC turning into CBN, and tastes worse from the loss of terpenes.


What factors lead to the aging of Cannabis?

Unlocking the secrets, tips and learning about aging Cannabis is like embarking on a thrilling adventure. Humidity, light, temperature, and containment type, all play a role in this process. By protecting the stash, it improves and reveals the true potential of this extraordinary plant.


Too much moisture can increase the risk of mold infestation. Inadequate humid temperatures can wither away the terpenes and cannabinoids.


Exposure to UV lights will impact the terpenes, THC, and other cannabinoids. Too much UVB can damage the plant’s cells and cause lower yields.


High temperatures and humidity can hamper the degradation of terpenes and cannabinoids. The best environment should be less than 25.50C (780F).

Container Materials

The type of container’s you use to store your Cannabis can cause your stash to sweat, resulting in the release of its inner moisture, causing your Cannabis to dry out.

Improve your convenience and satisfaction by browsing through our wide range of storage choices. Whether you require containers that are suitable for travel or ones that are odor-proof, we have exactly what you need. Make the most of our loyalty program and begin accumulating points with each purchase made at our store in Rowley, MA. Enhance your experience today!


What Are The Ways to Store Cannabis?

It’s important to protect your Cannabis from these factors and keep it fresh. If you think it is a long and complicated process to store your Cannabis, you’re wrong! It’s a fairly simple process that will help you preserve your Cannabis for a longer period of time.

Proper Curing

The Cannabis storage journey starts with the post-harvest curing process. You need to maintain the proper temperature for your flower. Find a cool, dark, and moderately dry place. Make sure you separate the buds, trim off the sugar leaves, and place them in mason jars (i.e., ¾ full).

After a few weeks, you have fresh and smokable flowers available. Make sure your jar doesn’t trap any excess moisture.

Preserve it in Air-tight Glass or Ceramic Containers

After you have sufficiently cured your buds, you are advised to store them in air-tight mason jars. Plastics and Tupperware can hasten the aging process. Glass and ceramic containers or vacuum bags are ideal since they are devoid of air.

Store it in a Dark Place

All your containers should be opaque as light can wreak havoc on your Cannabis. We recommend you use blacked-out jars to ensure total safety. Also, your storage room should be totally dark. Make sure you store your stash after buying Cannabis.

Keep it Clean

All your containers should be clean to ensure there it does not contain mold spores and bacteria. Getting rid of all the dust from your storage shelves and mopping the floor is recommended.

Maintain Cool Temperatures

High temperature will cause your buds to dry out and terpenes to evaporate, leading to unpleasant flavor and harsh smoke. Mold and mildew can thrive in temperatures between 77° F and 86° F.

Arid environments can dry out the flower and evaporate sensitive terpenes, affecting the flower’s taste and aroma.

Click for additional tips storing cannabis safely at home


The ideal storage temperature is below 700 F (or 210 C).

Many people store their buds in the freezer, just like keeping frozen foods. You can freeze your buds for 1-2 days without touching them. If you do so, the trichomes which contain almost all of the resin will quickly fall off.

We would advise you to defrost and allow the bud’s top layer to be room temperature. Your Cannabis is good to go for the next two years. Buy high-quality hemp flower only @ Cape Ann Cannabis!

Let us give you a few tips to be extra safe about your purchase.

Dos and Don’ts to Consider When Storing Your Cannabis.


• Store your Cannabis in a cool, dry place.

• Store in an air-tight container with a neutral charge (mason jar).

• Use vacuum-sealed jars to minimize oxygen exposure.

• Separate your strains to avoid mixing up your individual flavor profiles.

• Look for innovative products and solutions for all your storage needs. Available in most Cannabis stores.


• Store in the refrigerator to prevent mold and mildew.

• Store in the freezer as it can cause it to become brittle and break.

• Store in cheap plastics and containers.

• Store in appliances that release heat.

• Use a tobacco humidor.

• Mix your Cannabis with grinders, pipes, or other paraphernalia.

• Stress about storing your Cannabis. Make sure you smoke it in a timely fashion.


The Bottom Line!

Products-containing Cannabis are sold in many different forms such as edibles, that have different storing guidelines. Make sure you look for expiration date before buying. Keep it in a locked container to prevent exposures and refrigerate it as necessary.

The shelf-life of the flower is usually measured in a year or less; thus, extracts and tinctures can be stored in the fridge for years. All the extracts should be adequately sealed in containers to keep it fresh and consumable.

Follow these steps and be gentle with your Cannabis. Handling it roughly will accelerate the aging process and result in bad Cannabis.

Cape Ann Cannabis offers a wide variety of products including Cannabis flower, edibles, concentrates, vaporizers, topicals, and tinctures. All of our products come from certified Cannabis manufacturers in Massachusetts and have been vetted by our staff, including our biologist and our nurse for quality and integrity. Get a look of our Cannabis store right here!

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